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HiJacking Threads Was: hostapd for Fedora 10

Aaron Konstam wrote:
>> You have committed one of the cardinal sins of mail list postings. 
>> You've hijacked a thread.....
>> I've deleted the "References" header from this message so it should
>> appear as a new thread.
>> Don't reply to a message, and change the subject to your choice.... 
>> that is hijacking.   Breaks threading an gives people an upset tummy.
> On my machine in evolution it appears as part of the same thread. There
> is obviously something I don't understand about the complaints about
> this that people keep making.
Yes....  I probably should have removed a few more headers as well to
totally break it out.   But, now this reply will be out of thread with
your response. 

Bottom line....  People start new messages rather than trying to reply
to an old one and then change the subject and all....  So, now that it
is completely mucked over....  :-)

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