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Re: external hard drive

Peter Lesterhuis wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed fedora 10 on a new box, but every time mouse and keyboard
> are freezing an short while after logging in. Considering the messages
> in /var/log/messages I have come to the conclusion that it must have
> something to do with the SATA-controller. I have very little knowledge
> about this. Reading lots of internet pages, bugzilla pages and sending a
> few posts to this list did not reveal a solution. I am afraid there is
> no solution.

This part I leave to someone else. I do not know much about SATA

> Still I don't like the idea of having to use only the pre-installed
> Vista. I am thinking of a different solution. If I can't use the SATA
> disk to install fedora 10 on, why shouldn't I connect a second hard
> drive (IDE), or an external hard-drive (connected via USB).
> Before spending money on this I would appreciate if I could get some
> advice. Is it possible to install fedora 10 on an external hard drive
> and create en dual boot system?
> Peter
I have not done it with F10 yet, but I have installed other versions
of Fedora to USB connected hard drives. You will probably have to do
an "expert" install, because a normal install does not show the USB

If you are going to use the BIOS settings to boot directly off the
USB drive, you will have to change the default Grub config so that
the USB drive is the first drive - the option for this shows up at
the end of the install. The reason this is that when booting from
CD/DVD/internal hard drive, the USB drive will be the mapped after
the internal drives, but when booting from the USB drive, it is
mapped as the first drive.


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