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Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> I have had good luck getting Western Digital drives replaced. If you
>> run their diagnostic code, or have a drive that will not test
>> because it will not spin up, you can go for an advance exchange -
>> you have to have a credit card, so they can charge you if you do not
>> send the bad drive back.
> Is this a bootable test program, or does it require that you be running
> Windows? I've heard of hardware vendors claiming their hardware warranty
> only covered use in Windows machines.
There are both Windows and DOS versions. You can also download a
bootable floppy or CD image. You can also download the "Ultimate
Boot CD". It is a CD with all kinds of tools, including disk test
tools. For a lot of the tools, it simulates booting from the test
floppy using a virtual drive A. It is worth having in your "toolkit".



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