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Re: hostapd for Fedora 10

Fennix wrote:
> Really want to understand this question.  Why does this question often
> appear on what gmail shows as "new threads?"

Maybe GMail ignores the References header if the subject changed.

But most threaded mail clients will assume the author knows what he/she is
doing when he/she decides to reply to a message. In the threaded world,
replying is not just a way to specify the address to send to, it also
specifies what thread the message belongs to. Users who do not use threaded
mail clients usually do not realize this. I blame the mail clients because
they fail to make it clear what Reply really does (they don't show the
References header at all - if they showed "In reply to: [link]" above the
To: field, more people would realize what they're doing, and the client
could also give them the opportunity to easily (with a [Clear] button)
delete the References header if what they're sending is not actually a

        Kevin Kofler

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