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Re: HiJacking Threads Was: hostapd for Fedora 10

Marland V. Pittman wrote:
> There's probably enough room in the text that is appended to each
> mail to add:
> "Start new messages by sending to:" or "To send a message:" in front
> of "fedora-list redhat com"or something like that.

The list guidelines are included in the footer (as well as on the sign
up page and welcome message) and they already ask users to start a new
subject rather than hijacking threads:


I don't see the benefit of reiterating all of the guidelines in each
message.  Perhaps we need a page on the wiki that explains why
hijacking threads is frowned upon in more detail, which can be used
whenever someone does this.  This could be similar to:

Seeing one post with a link like that would be better than seeing a
weekly lesson on why hijacking threads is bad, IMO.  I think way too
much time is spent on administrivia as it is. :(

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