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Re: F10 and Pulseaudio

Replying to myself as I found something out...

2008/12/11 Niels Weber <nathelbiya gmail com>:
> So it seems that Pulseaudio is working after all... now I need only to
> find out how to get surround sound.

After looking into the PulseAudio FAQ, that was quite easy:


"To enable all the channels, edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf: uncomment
the default-sample-channels line (i.e. remove the semicolon from the
beginning of the line) and set the value to 6 if you have a 5.1 setup,
or 8 if you have 7.1 setup etc. After doing the edit, restart

That was all. Really easy compared to what I had to do back then to
get surround working with alsa alone on one of the older Fedoras
(which took me weeks).

Now, surround works even in Prey - which it didn't with my previous
setup (without PA under F8).


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