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Re: is KDE dead - did Gnome win?

On ven, 2009-01-02 at 16:26 -0400, Armin wrote:

> Guys, for god's sake, this thread is really starting to walk on my nerves.  
> Have you guys ever tried 4.2 beta 2?  And plus, if you love evolution, why not 
> just use gnome.  KMail in my opinion is way better and easier to configure that 
> evolution and kde apps just make sense, and that is why I chose KDE.
I use KDE from official repos for Fedora 9.
I don't have time to install and test the 4.2beta2 version, because I
don't have skills to do it. 
I don't work very well with desktops.
I prefere KDE only because I ever used it. Maybe I will like Gnome if I
will start to use it.

Changing from kde3 to kde4 maybe could be the right moment to switch to
gnome, because kde4 is very different from the kde3 but I will stay on

If I love evolution can I use it on KDE? I used it on KDE for years, why
I have to switch to gnome now?

And if I love gimp, I have to switch to gnome?
And if after I love ktorrent or sone k* I have to switch to KDE?

So, it's better to have 2 desktop session and switch from one to the
other simply clicking ctrl-alt-F6 and clicking ctrl-alt-F7 for example?
I don't understand this approach... I like linux because it permit me to
choise between desktops, between application.
Now I think that this is not so true like in the past.

> Plus, it's very good if you guys appreciate the work of KDE devs.  They have 
> *re-written* most of KDE, and with great change comes great problems.  Use it, 
> love it, adore it, and report it, and help it. :)
> If you don't have coding skills, help with the artwork, bug reports, 
> documentation, etc. etc. and if you do have coding skills, fix the bugs.  It's 
> that easy!
I'm involved in some other QA on the open source, so I know that this is
a good approach to the problem, but before to open a bug I will know if
I'm the only one that has the problem, or is a choice.

> On top of all, I can do things now that I have never been able to do in KDE 
> 3.x.
That's true, but you can't do things that you done in the past

> Happy new year :)
Happy new year to you too


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