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Re: is KDE dead - did Gnome win?

On Saturday 03 January 2009 10:52:40 Ambrogio wrote:
> On ven, 2009-01-02 at 16:26 -0400, Armin wrote:
> If I love evolution can I use it on KDE? I used it on KDE for years, why
> I have to switch to gnome now?
> And if I love gimp, I have to switch to gnome?
> And if after I love ktorrent or sone k* I have to switch to KDE?
> So, it's better to have 2 desktop session and switch from one to the
> other simply clicking ctrl-alt-F6 and clicking ctrl-alt-F7 for example?
> I don't understand this approach... I like linux because it permit me to
> choise between desktops, between application.
> Now I think that this is not so true like in the past.
Hi, Ambrogio.  You really don't have to switch to gnome to use evolution or 
gimp, or any other application (nor would you have to switch to kde if you 
were running in gnome and wanted to run a kde application).  Installing the 
application you want will pull in any necessary libraries, and the application 
will run on either desktop.  I do use some gnome applications on my kde 

> > Plus, it's very good if you guys appreciate the work of KDE devs.  They
> > have *re-written* most of KDE, and with great change comes great
> > problems.  Use it, love it, adore it, and report it, and help it. :)
> > If you don't have coding skills, help with the artwork, bug reports,
> > documentation, etc. etc. and if you do have coding skills, fix the bugs. 
> > It's that easy!
> I'm involved in some other QA on the open source, so I know that this is
> a good approach to the problem, but before to open a bug I will know if
> I'm the only one that has the problem, or is a choice.
Agreed - I also prefer to check whether others experience a problem, since if 
I'm the only one experiencing it, it's likely to be my configuration that's at 

> > On top of all, I can do things now that I have never been able to do in
> > KDE 3.x.
> That's true, but you can't do things that you done in the past
A few, but not many now.  The problem is that some of the things are done 
differently, so if there are particular things that you miss, do ask.  We may 
be able to tell you how to do it, and if not, we may be able to tell you 
whether it is work-in-progress.


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