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Re: Help... Can't boot!

Quoting Stuart Sears <stuart sjsears com>:

okay, what I would do here is use the grub console to find /boot...

in case you don't know how:

hit 'c' to bring up the console

type root (hd <TAB>
grub should fill in the disks it can see (hopefully hd0/1/2)

for each of those, try
root (hdX,<TAB>

which should give you the partition layouts and types

then for each of the (hdX,0) partitions, try

kernel (hdX,0)/ <TAB>

one of them should have your vmlinuz- file on
it. use that one in your "root (hdX,0)" statement.

hit <ESC> to get back to the menu and edit the 'root' statement
accordingly. See if it works after that.

I think, from your previous post, that you may be pointing grub at what
you think is sdc, which may only have
sdc1 - Extended
sdc5 - first logical partition

on it.

I had a similar issue with the installer seeing my disks in a different
order to what I expected.

Well, when I boot off the install DVD in rescue mode, it shows up correctly. I'm reinstalling yet again, this time, I told the installer to swap the disk order from what is in bios. We'll see how that goes... Hopefully I didn't just end up wiping my /home (and all my MP3 files! <G>)

If worse comes to worse, I guess I'll put the old SDC back in the system as the primary HDD, wipe it and let Fedora use it to boot off of.

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