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Re: Help... Can't boot!

John Aldrich wrote:
> Quoting Stuart <stuart sjsears com>:
> [snip]
>> okay, how many are there? And which one do you want to boot from?
> According to the installer, it's going to write the boot info to
> /dev/sda. Boot is /dev/sdb1.
What Grub is doing is writing the boot loader for Grub to /dev/sda.
This should be the drive the BIOS boots from. This is the code that
loads the rest of Grub, where ever it is located. It is not talking
about the /boot partition. (Or /boot from the / partition.)

You can also run into the same confusion about what Grub and Linux
call root. They are not the same thing. If it helps, you can think
of Grub as its own small operating system. (Not exactly true, but it
help with understanding the differences in naming things.)


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