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Re: F10 and encrypted partitions - positive outcome

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 03:41:22 -0800,
>   Mike Cloaked <mike cloaked gmail com> wrote:
>> The nice surprise was that on firstboot the system asked me to enter the
>> luks passphrase for the root partition and seemed to have stored the
>> passphrases for the other partitions within the root partition so only a
>> single passphrase was requested. This is excellent and means that booting
>> the fully encrypted system is now very user friendly.  
> Do you use the same passphrase for all partitions? It has been a feature
> since close to the release of F10 that it tried any entered passphrase
> against each luks partition.

Yes I chose the same passphrase for all three partitions.  This is the same
scheme I used for F9 but in F9 it asked me three separate times for the
passphrases despite them all being the same. I did not click on the first
one as a master passphrase though (as far as I remember!)

In F10 the screen halts soon after the "post" with a simple request for the
passphrase and then continues with the text simplified Plymouth blue and
white boot progress indicator - which although information-free does work
fast and well.

So I am happy with this.
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