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Re: F10 and encrypted partitions - positive outcome

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> That's odd though. I misspoke when I said shortly before F10, it was
> shortly
> before the F9 release that it started using passphrases against each
> luks partition. Maybe there was something different about how your
> partitions were setup that F9 couldn't handle, but F10 can.
> You can see that the passphrases aren't being saved (well at least that
> saved ones aren't bing used) by entering an incorrect passphrase before
> a correct one. You'll then get a warning message for each luks partition
> that there is no key slot unlocked by that passphrase.

Interesting!  The F9 partitions were set up nominally using the same
technique during the F9 install as I just did for F10 (except that I had
previously randomised all the partitions just ahead of the original F9
install). The F10 install was a clean install over the F9 partitions but
nothing additional was done.

Either way I do like the current setup - I have not yet plugged in a test
encrypted usbkey that I was playing with under F9, nor a luks encrypted CD
that I prepared in F9.  For the usbkey the system just asked for the
passphrase after plugging in and then just mounted and was visible, so I
hope this will be the same in F10.

The encrypted CD was a pain in F9 and needed some commands entering to set
up the mapping - certainly it would not just ask for the passphrase and
mount - I am currently testing some other things on the encrypted laptop but
I will do these tests hopefully before the weekend is out.

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