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Re: X locks up after a random time

Anne Wilson wrote:

> This Mandriva laptop has a variation on that.  With Desktop Effects on I
> get random freezes, but I also get times when the mouse can move the
> cursor
> around, but neither mouse-clicks or keyboard usage is registered.  This
> has happened throughout, so I don't think that it's kernel-specific, but I
> do think that it is probably related to what you are both seeing.
I think this is the bug I reported on both bugzilla.redhat and bugs.kde. I have never tested with gnome or compiz, only with kde using opengl and xrender. It happens both times and I have Intel graphics on both computers. In my case, I get the "too many open files in system" message on one of the consoles when this happens. I am unable to open programs, unable to save files (hence lose my work), etc, but the mouse and keyboard don't fail, so I can kill X and log back in, but the problem seems to recur sooner than if I had rebooted.

My guess is that this is some kind of Intel driver problem, possibly not interacting well with either X or with Desktop Effects.

Nevertheless, I will not give up on Intel and do not intend to migrate (regress) back to a vendor that doesn't provide open drivers. I can live without desktop Effects for a while until this gets cleared up (admittedly, it has been a year already that I have monitored the problem, and progress is slow, but the problem has evolved slightly, as formerly not even the mouse and keyboard worked, but since about the fall, it is no longer necessary to pull the plug on the computer to reboot).

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