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SOLVED -- Re: Help... Can't boot! (but more issues)

Well, I got it working finally... but i'm having some issues... the display is slightly off screen to the right, and I can't adjust it on the monitor because the left side is already at 0.

I used to be able to access the display settings, etc from the desktop, but that's not possible. Also, I discovered that the "/home" partition I wanted to save was on the disconnected drive, so when I was swapping my cable around on sda and sdb to get them to be in the order the system wanted, I also hooked /dev/sdc back up. Now, how do I get my "old" /home to be /home? All I have is a uuid in fstab. I suppose I could edit it and make it like the old style, but I'm not sure that would work.

Two questions then:
1) How do I access the display settings to change the refresh rate to adjust the horizontal positioning?

2) How do I tell Fedora 10 to move /home to a different location?

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