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Re: can't log in after converting root filesystem

I hope it works.

You use a livecd and in the terminal:

/dev/sda1 = / (your linux, as appropriate)


fsck /dev/sda1

mount /dev/sda1 /media/linux

chroot /media/linux

source /etc/profile

And change the password:


There is another way you can do in the event that the above does not work,
change the kernel version and so on ...

grub edit> kernel /vmlinuz- ro root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet 1

Press Enter, and the B, mode single-kernel boot. Once we can use the
passwd command to change the password for the root.

Passwd #
Enter new UNIX password:

Gustavo Eli Pelcastre H.

> Hello, Friendly Fedora Folks:
> My problem seems possibly related to some recently reported issues,
> but I'm unable to fit suggested solutions to my issue. Anyway, here
> goes:
> I have an Asus EeePC 900A. It predictably took me about 2.5 minutes to
> figure out that I wanted nothing at all to do with the crummy Linux
> distro that came with it. I wanted Fedora and thought I'd try out the
> Omega spin that Rahul announced recently.
> Now the 900A has only a 4GB flash chip for internal storage, so I
> started thinking of ways to reduce writes to the filesystem. It seemed
> to me that ext2 was a better fit than ext3 because there would be no
> need to write the journal data. During the install from LiveCD, I
> chose to format the entire 4GB as ext2 and mount it on /. No separate
> /boot partition, no swap partition.
> After install, I discovered that the root filesystem was ext3 despite
> my explicit instruction to format it as ext2. I consider that a bug,
> which I might pursue if I can get past my current predicament.
> I figured that "downgrading" to ext2 would not be difficult. So I
> changed ext3 to ext2 in fstab and added noatime to the options.
> Everything seems good at this point. I reboot, and mount tells me that
> the root filesystem is, indeed, ext2. After running through the
> installed packages and removing several that I thought would never be
> relevant to my limited hardware, I rebooted again and found everything
> good.
> Well, almost everything. It turns out that now I can yum update
> everything except for the kernel. After kernel update, I can't log in
> at all. I get to the gdm screen, enter username and password, and it
> just returns immediately to a fresh gdm screen. If I boot to runlevel
> 3, I have a similar symptom in text -- entering username and password
> just returns to the login prompt.
> At this point, I'm stuck. I've tried everything I know (not much) and
> I can't log in. I did take a snapshot of the system with dd just
> before upgrading the kernel, so I can always bring that back. But then
> I can never apply any kernel updates.
> Help!
> -Alan
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