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Re: X locks up after a random time

On Saturday 03 January 2009 02:07, Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 10:36 PM, Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko panet co yu>wrote:
> > Ok, this is a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo U9200, with Intel graphics, F10
> > 64bit,
> > updated last week. KDE desktop, compiz and all, but I believe it is not
> > related.
> >
> > The symptom: system boots up regularly, I do regular work, and after a
> > random
> > amount of time, X freezes. If compiz is on, all I can do is move the
> > mouse pointer. If compiz is off, even the mouse pointer is frozen. The OS
> > itself is
> > not, I can ssh from a remote machine and read logs. This is not
> > reproducible,
> > it happens too randomly and I can only sit and wait for it to happen.
> > However, it is extremely annoying, since it has a tendency to freeze when
> > I'm
> > in the middle of some work in progress.
> You can try using
> Option      "AccelMethod" "XAA"
> in your xorg.conf to see if there is any difference (I have never tried).

What was the command to generate xorg.conf? I saw it here in some post some 
time ago, but can't find it now...

Also, in which Section of xorg.conf shoud I put the above option?

Thanks for helping! :-)

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