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Re: HiJacking Threads Was: hostapd for Fedora 10

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Todd Zullinger wrote:

> I don't see the benefit of reiterating all of the guidelines in each
> message.  Perhaps we need a page on the wiki that explains why

a page on wiki would be great. for something *more* to reference to.

but as long as a hijacker gets a reply to his post, what does he care.

hijacking is just as bad as 'text/html' and 'base64', top posting and
leaving unneeded history.

if a poster gets a reply, then why should they be concerned with following
'guide lines'?

you can suggest and write all the instructions you want, but if they are
not enforced/followed, it is all in vain.

just like continually telling a child that if he/she does not stop doing
what they are not supposed to, they will get spanked. after hearing it
8 or 10 times, the child will come to believe that it is just idle words
and they mean nothing.

peace out.



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