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Re: ssh clarification needed

Anne Wilson-4 wrote:
> Is a ssh key specific to a computer, or to a user?  That is, does my key 
> pertain to any box on the lan, as long as I'm the user?  Or is it machine 

ssh keys are specific to the user - they are in the users .ssh directory in
their home user directory. Root also has its own .ssh

On the server side you can choose who to allow to connect and also whether
to allow password connections and many other options in /etc/ssh/sshd_config 
and you can find more in "man sshd_config"

You need to look up how to generate ssh keys and store them. It is possible
to replicate the .ssh directory for your own user area and put it on the
user area of the same name on a different computer to save the need to
generate new keys.

However you also need to be aware that the system will know if the remote
machine you are connecting to is upgraded - and then when you try to ssh in
you will get a warning saying there is a possible man-in-the middle attack.
In this instance if the remote machine is known to have been reinstalled for
example then in the user area from which you are trying to connect need to
have the entry in .ssh/known_hosts removed by editing (or remove the
known_hosts file) and accept prompts the first time you then subsequently
ssh into another machine.

There are tutorials on the net and a google search will find them fairly
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