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Re: cron.{daily, weekly, ...} and hibernate

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Ville-Pekka Vainio wrote:

I've been wondering about the cron.{daily, monthly, weekly, hourly}
scripts and hibernate. It seems to me that when I use hibernate, these
jobs are almost never run, unless of course I need to do a complete
reboot due to a kernel update or such.

Cron almost never gets to run these jobs because the computer is usually
hibernating when cron is configured to run. It seems like anacron
doesn't run the jobs either when the computer is actually running. To
fix this I've written a simple bash script for hibernating which first
runs hibernate and then restarts crond and anacron when waking up.

Am I wrong here, is there something wrong with my configuration or is it
really the situation that the cron jobs are not run after waking up from

You should look into running anacron (instead of the standard crond), as

My error, this should read "in addition to the standard crond"!

it is designed to run jobs that were scheduled while the computer was down when that computer comes back up.

anacron by default makes sure that cron.daily, cron.weekly, and cron.monthly get run if they were scheduled during a time when the computer was down....

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