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Re: Problem with

About graphics on the system:

For the startup of programs:

Splash screen
yum install gnome-splashscreen-manager

For the startup of the system

Grub graphic:
convert picture.png picture.xpm
gzip picture.xpm
mv picture.xpm.gz /boot/grub/

Edit grub.conf (as appropriate)

# Splash Image

Splash Images Examples:

Boot loader image:

Gustavo Eli Pelcastre H.

> Hi all.
> I registered here few days ago.
> My questions:
> How can I get the Fedora 10 drive in windows xp?(like windows drives in
> Fedora 10 after mounting)Is it possible to change the loading Fedora 10
> image(blue)?How can I set up DNS server in Fedora 10?Processor:Intel
> Pentium(R) D 2.66GHz
> Hard disk:80GB
> Ram:1GB
> Thanks
>       --
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