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Re: firefox hangs at mediayou.net [SOLUTION]

On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 10:41:36PM -0500, fred smith wrote:
> Hi gang!
> When I first set up my F10 system, after a little tinkering with plugins,
> etc., I was able to listen to the various radio stations from mediayou.net.
> The last couple weeks it isn't working anymore: I go to that site, select
> a station, the popup opens saying it's loading data then it just hangs.
> I left it for 5-10 minutes and it's still hung. Clicking the window close
> button it tells me it's "not responding", do I wanna kill it?
> Not sure how to troubleshoot this,... anyone else ever use that site
> to find a radio station? Anyone suggest how to proceed?

FYI, FWIW, in case anybody cares, here's the "solution", or at least
the cause:

I tried removing firefox plugins one at a time (simply move them from the
plugins dir to another dir then restart firefox) until it started working
again. The one that did the trick was the plugin for VLC. Once I moved
it away from the plugins dir, radio stations from mediayou.net once again
started working.

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