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RE: How to Burn a Music DVD on K3B

>> The discs don't require it, in themselves, but many are authored in a
>> way that forces you to go through a menu unless you have a player that
>> bypasses the codes that prevent you bypassing the menus.  ;-)

Joseph L. Casale:
> Again,
> You are confusing option prohibitions with menu's.

No, I am not.  You try playing some discs without sitting through
warnings, adverts, menus and things before the bit that you want to see.
On some discs you cannot, at all, unless you have one of the few players
that let you bypass that - and many don't, these days.

I'm well aware that menus aren't required to be on DVDs.  I've already
said that.  But some DVDs are authored in a way that you can't use
*that* disc without going through their *supposedly* *helpful* menus.
Some discs even subvert the standard of having the first video file the
main program, to thwart those players which let you instantly play the
first video file instead of the menus.

My point about all of that was that it would make it next to impossible
to use some discs if you didn't have a television connected to the

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