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Re: Error in Aptana Studio 1.2.1 on 64-bit Fedora 8 Eclipse

* Dick Holland <fedora xegetix com> [2009-01-01 03:39]:
> I'm running 64-bit Fedora 8 which has this Eclipse onboard: "Fedora
> Eclipse Platform Version: 3.3.0 Based on build id: I20070625-1500".
> I have installed the Eclipse Plug-in version of Aptana Studio 1.2.1 as
> per the instructions on http://www.aptana.com/studio/download and get
> this error message box every time I start Eclipse:
> "Showing My Aptana (Time of error:....) Reason: Check the details". The
> "details" message says "Error". :-(

- I see on the Aptana site that they only support 1.5 JVMs.  You could
  try with a Sun download if you're not already using 1.5.

- Try running with -clean

- Try running with -consolelog -debug to get more details

- Did we have version 3.3 of the Eclipse SDK in Fedora 8?  I see
  instructions on the Aptana site for 3.2 and for 3.4 .... maybe try an
  upstream 3.2 download?



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