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Re: Attempting DVD install :Fedora 10 x86_64 missing rpm?

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Monday 05 January 2009 03:46:46 Ernest L. Williams Jr. wrote:

I hope this is the correct list for FC10 installation problems
Please help:
Can't get the DVD iso for FC10  x86_64 to install properly.

What is the secret?  Did anyone else have this problem?

Ernesto, we don't even know what 'this problem' is. You need to tell us exactly what happened when you installed, including the last message you saw on screen if it got as far as the reboot. If it failed during the actual install part the first questions to ask are

Did you download the .iso?
Did you check the sha1sum for the download?
How did you burn the disk?
Did the burn application verify the burn?

Does your system boot from DVDs, and is it set to do so?

If you are confident that all these are correct, then we need to know just how far you got with the install.
I put all of the details in a previous post.
Yes, is the answer to all of your questions above.

I recently used preupgrade to move to FC10.

So, now when I put in the DVD (DVD +R) for FC10 and reboot, I get the following:
ISOLINUX 3.61 ---- Blah-Blah

isolinux: Disk error 04, AX = 4211, drive 82

Boot failed: press a key to retry ...

Sometimes when I reboot I get the option for the Graphical install. When I press <enter>, it just reboots again.

When I burned the DVD (DVD +R) with k3b, I used the same laptop.

I next put in a DVD that I burned to DVD -R: I make it to the graphical install screen:
Next I choose install or upgrade and existing system.
Next I do the media check and it passes.
Now, I have a Welcome to Fedora for x86_64 "curses like" blue screen. I wait about 8 minutes as I hear the DVD being accesses. Then I get "Running the anaconda, the Fedora system installer - please wait" message at the bottom of the screen.

Now, here comes the error:
exec of anaconda failed: Input/output error
install exited abnormally [1/1]
disabling swap ...
unmounting filesystems...
you may safely reboot your system

A second attempt yields the same results.

Thanks for your help,


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