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Re: gtk-chthemes - does it exist?

Anne Wilson wrote:
I'm trying to get firefox more usable on a netbook. I can change the fonts used on the content pages, but the 'system' fonts such as menu, tabs and bookmarks all use a font that is considerably larger than what is sensible for the size of screen. Mandriva users have told me to use gtk-chthemes to handle these settings, but yum tells me that there is no such package. Does it exist on a slightly different name in Fedora?


I has the same problem in mine, and fixed by yum install gtk-qt-engine
after that in System Settings -> Appareance -> GTK Styles and Fonts
Use my KDE Styles in GTK applications and Use my KDE Fonts in GTK applications
reboot ( I don't tried only login out of KDE)

after login firefox and openoffice writer have the same font size as kde enviroment, NetworkManager Applet still shows popup messages in huge fonts but I suppose which it have hard coded font sizes


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