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Re: status line doesn't work in konsole?

Christian Iseli wrote:
On Mon, 05 Jan 2009 09:52:56 -0700, stan wrote:
平天韩 wrote:
hi list,

I am using F10 and I just find that when I run screen in the
konsole, the status line seems doesn't work
as it would be in F8. In F8, when I type "ctrl-a i", konsole will
display current window info on its title bar. But it isn't in F10
now. What's wrong?

I can confirm this behavior on F10 x86_64.  It works in a console,
but not in konsole.  I suggest you look at
http://bugzilla.redhat.com/ and do a search for screen to see if
anyone else has reported this.  If not, please open a bugzilla report
for the problem.

I think this is just a configuration problem.  Open the "Edit profile"
tool from konsole, select the Tabs tab, and put "%w" in the "Tab title
format" edit box.  Apply and quit, then type a few carriage returns in
the screen window, and your status line should be back the way you


Thanks for the tip.

I tried it and it works. The existing string was %d:%n. When I prepended %w it worked. And when I replaced it with %w it worked. The information stayed up for a few seconds, and then reverted to the path. Some of the information that shows in the text console was elided in the konsole version (... information here). Good enough for me.

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