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Re: A reminder of EOL for F8

Chris Snook wrote:
> David wrote:
>> Aaron Konstam wrote:
>>> >From last I heard Wednesday, Jan 7 is EOL for F8. So be warned.
>> In all honesty...  EOL means End Of Line... Which means no more bugfix
>> updates and no more security patches.
>> It does *not* mean that fedora 8 will stop working on January 7th, 2009.
>> ;-)
> Do the F8 repos disappear on Jan 7th as well?  I'd hate to be the admin
> who doesn't notice until Jan. 8th, and needs some tool that's not
> installed in order to migrate gracefully.

Aaron is correct. The official repos do not, in general, disappear. It,
I gather, depends on the admins of the mirror(s) what they keep or don't
keep. I know of mirrors that still have fedora packages going back to
Fedora Core 6 packages.

The 3rd party repos are a different animal completely. What they do, or
don't do, is entirely up to them.

My point was that the Fedora 8 system will not magically 'poof' and stop
working. But it would be for a user of Feodra 8, IMHO, a good time to
plan an upgrade.

Why? As I said not only are there no bug fixes, things that are broken
stay broken, there are no security fixes either. Meaning? Something
found in a 'newer version' now is more than likely to also be in the
'older version'. The 'older won't be fixed'. EOL.



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