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Re: Upgrade Has Caused A Downgrade

Gene Poole wrote:

The 'bare metal' install fails while installing the base packages, so there are no logs available. I'm going to attempt to get a re-spin and burn the new DVD from another machine. It has also been suggested that I try Fedora 10 or CentOS 5.2. I'll try Fedora 10 if the re-spin doesn't work.

Using Fedora 8, I installed the gkrellm monitor (yum -y install gkrellm*) and all 4-cores are acting independent (as did the 2-cores on the original AMD x2). It could very well be a driver, so I'll poke around the mobo CD and see what I find.

Any other suggestions would be would be considered.
Couple of wild quesses as you don't tell even which packages it's trying to install when the install fails, have you changed your dvd-drive and maybe if the dvd-disk itself is old it could have gone bad with time. Also you can change to text console with alt-f1 check if there is any errors in there.


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