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Re: F10 OpenOffice default page size

On Tue, 2009-01-06 at 16:38 +0900, Otgonbayar.A wrote:
> On Fedora 10 when I print a document in page size A4 it prints in Letter
> size. Is it only my problem or does someone have same problem?

I used to suffer from that, but not any more.  I can't really recall the
solution.  It's a FAQ, though.  I've read various solutions, over time,
one of which was to modify the page properties of the default template.

This is more of an OpenOffice.org question, than a Fedora one.  You
might want to look through its help, for the version you get with Fedora

I seem to recall that locale *may* be paid attention to, for the
defaults.  e.g. Here in Australia, it's highly unusual to use anything
other than A4 paper, unless you work in legal circles.  So A4 is the
expected default page size for everything on the computer.  Though, for
a very long time, I was always having to reset new documents to use A4
instead of US letter.

On a document by document basis, it's the page format style options that
you play with to set the page size of a document.  Not the printing
preferences.  I don't recall whether setting it once takes care of all
future new documents.

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