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Re: F10 OpenOffice default page size

Otgonbayar.A píše v Út 06. 01. 2009 v 16:52 +0900:
> > On Fedora 10 when I print a document in page size A4 it prints in Letter
> > size. Is it only my problem or does someone have same problem?
> >
> sorry, explressed not well.
> This happens only when I use Open Office. Other programs print without 
> problem. OpenOffice does not listen even when I set page size to A4. I 
> set default page size in CUPS as A4. But OpenOffice looks somewhere else 
> and it prints in Letter page size.

I had the same problem long time. I have found solution (maybe)

Open OOwriter (empty document)
Run from menu: File->Printer settings
Select in combo-box first printer, then click to properties and set
   proper Paper size
Repeat it for every printer in combo-box, even for Generic Printer

Then quit OOwriter

Now try open existing document and print it. 
It looks that even Printer Size is empty in print dialog (tab
Properties) it uses proper size (I set it to A4) and after first print
it is visible in print dialog too.

Please send me info if it helps you too.


Pavel Lisy <pali tmapy cz>
T-MAPY spol. s r.o.

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