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Re: USB stick with ext2?

Michael Cronenworth wrote:
Alan Evans wrote:
Is there a way to make that work

Yes. Make a directory on the stick with your user permissions. The "/" of the usb drive will always be owned by root through HAL/dbus/gvfs

No - ext2/3/4's root inodes are just regular directories and can be owned by any user as Ed already mentioned. I set most of my removable media to be owned by my normal UID/GID for exactly this reason (they can also be labelled with xattrs for e.g. SELinux if required).

AFAIK. You could setup a special fstab line for manual mounting without requiring a folder, but I don't know if there is such an option in the DE.

AFAIK, you still can't do that with ext2/3/4 - they do not support a uid=/gid= mount option like vfat that would allow you to change ownership of the entire file system at mount time.


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