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Re: Help -- can't SSH into my box

Quoting Chris Snook <csnook redhat com>:

I'm curious to know what, if anything, appears in /var/log/messages and
/var/log/secure when you attempt to ssh in, as well as what appears
when you successfully scp in.

Initially, nothing was appearing in /var/log/secure. However, I did eventually find out that my DHCP wasn't handing my box the IP address I was expecting it to, so I fixed the statically-assigned entry in my DSL router for my box and I was able to SSH in from the LAN. When I did that, it showed the expected entry in /var/log/secure. I also saw some hack attempts from an unknown IP (NOT the IP I was coming in from.)

Also, the fact that you're running sshd on a non-standard port implies
that you've edited /etc/ssh/sshd_config.  Could you try the default
sshd_config, just for comparison?  It's entirely possible that you're
doing something that should be valid, but that some other security
policy (PAM, SELinux, etc.) doesn't correctly handle in the default

Hmm.. possibly. I compared it with the saved SSHD_CONFIG from my FC6 box (I copied it to my home directory before wiping and reinstalling) and it *appeared* to be identical. Also, I'm running SELINUX in "Permissive" mode (have I mentioned I *hate* SELINUX?!?!? <G>) since there doesn't appear to be any way to disable it entirely. In any case, I'll try that later...

I was able to briefly enter my box at home from work this morning, but I got kicked out in less than a minute for some reason and have not been able to get back in. I have also hard-coded my work IP in /etc/hosts.allow. I got in on port 22, instead of the non-standard port (which I prefer not to reveal here for security sake! <G>)

I'm not a total n00bie, but I'm not an experience sys-admin either. :-)

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