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Re: Network interfaces refusing to start on boot: F10

Mark Haney wrote:
> I am hoping I've not missed the bus on this particular problem, but I've
>  been too busy to upgrade my systems to F10 until the last week or so.
>  One, being my daughter's new laptop.
> Now, I'm having one devil of a problem.  None of my F10 systems (2
> upgrades from F9 and one fresh install (the laptop)) network interfaces
> start on boot, even though in 'system-config-network' they are set to do
> so.
> Even the config files have 'ONBOOT' set to yes.  So, what's the deal?
First, let me say that I have not played with this on F10 yet - I
only have it installed on my laptop, and I do not want the
interfaces to come up on boot of that machine. So this advice may be
wrong for F10.

It sounds like the NetworkManager service is controlling the
devices, instead of the network service. NetworkManager normally
does not bring up interfaces until a user logs in (to the GUI?).

You can try adding "NM_CONTROLLED=no" to the config files. If that
does not work, try running:

chkconfig NetworkManager off
chkconfig network on

and see if that fixes the problem on the next boot.


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