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Re: Access from outside

John Aldrich wrote:
> Ok. I managed to *briefly* connect with my machine from outside. I still
> think there's something "hinky" about my config since I installed F10.
> It *was* working on FC6, and I wiped and reinstalled F10. Now, I can SSH
> in from my wife's XP box on the LAN, but I can't SSH in from outside,
> either on port 22 or the non-standard port I configured to make things
> more difficult for hackers (port number is in excess of 2000).
> I can SSH in from inside the LAN on either the standard port or the
> non-standard port, but I cannot access my machine from outside.
> I've tried several things, but none of them seem to work. Any
> suggestions where to look?
Dumb question - did the IP address of hte machine change? If so,
check the forwarding rules on your firewall - you may be trying to
connect to the wrong machine.


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