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auto-configure NTP in Kickstart?

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to setup NTP info via kickstart ?  More specifically, I'd like to do the following on Fedora 10 systems via the kickstart mechanism:

1) Specify NTP servers (e.g., ntp1.virginia.edu, ntp2.virginia.edu, ...)

2) Enable / activate NTP -- I.e., What one would get by running 'system-config-time' and clicking the "Enable Network Time Protocol" box.

I know this stuff can set manually, post-installation, via the
system-config-time route, and that it also can be setup immediately after a kickstart-based install by setting "firstboot --enable" to run the Setup Agent upon first reboot (...and then manually entering the info at that screen.)   But seems as though this could be done at the kickstart level ??

I couldn't find anything on ntp-in-kickstart in the Anaconda Kickstart reference at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Kickstart or by searching around the web.  I naively did the following in a ks file to modify ntp.conf, but that doesn't actually 'enable' ntp on the system:
cat >> /etc/ntp.conf <<EOF_ntpconfig
server ntp1.virginia.edu dynamic
server ntp2.virginia.edu dynamic
server ntp3.virginia.edu dynamic
Any tips (or pointers to possible advice) would be most sincerely appreciated...


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