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Re: Help -- can't SSH into my box

Quoting Alex Schuster <wonko wonkology org>:

John Aldrich writes:

Any ideas? I'd really like to be able to connect to my box.

No idea what's happening. But I'd try increasing verbosity with ssh -v or
even ssh -vvv, maybe you will spot what's wrong then.

Ok... Now I'm in again. How long, I don't know. However, a new issue... My desktop. I'm using VNC to connect to a new desktop (:1) and it does NOT look like my new F10 desktop. In fact, all my icons are in a window on my desktop and I have to browse it. There is no "quick-launch" tool bar either at top or bottom. On the other hand, it does have other features of my FC6 desktop, such as the "workspace" icons clustered together in a square, instead of beside each other as in F10.

I'm guessing that this is the new "KDE" Desktop instead of the default Gnome desktop. If that's the case, I think I'll switch back to Gnome, and just use my KDE apps.

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