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Re: X locks up after a random time

On Monday 05 January 2009 09:31:32 Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:
> Impressive. It seems that everybody knows about this problem since before
> the F10 release. Therefore, it is a plain case of "broken edge".

Paulo, someone on the kde list told me to use EXA acceleration, telling me to 
add this

>> Section "Device"
>>    Option      "UseAtomBIOS" "true"
>>    Option      "AccelMethod" "EXA"
>>    # ...
>> EndSection
>> This works with both the radeon as well as the radeonhd driver but only
>> with cards up to an X1950.  HD2xxx and above aren't supported yet.

He was unsure, and I couldn't ascertain whether my elderly X600 could 
'UseAtomBIOS' so I commented that line out.  I've using the laptop for 5 hours 
now with Desktop Effects enabled and without a freeze.  If you or anyone else 
reading is using an ATi card this is worth a try.

Perhaps there are similar AccelMethod entries for Intel cards that deal with 
the problem?


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