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Re: A reminder of EOL for F8

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> David wrote:
>> My point was that the Fedora 8 system will not magically 'poof' and stop
>> working. But it would be for a user of Feodra 8, IMHO, a good time to
>> plan an upgrade.
> No, it's a good time to already have upgraded. If you still haven't, don't
> waste time planning, just do it!

I see many here Kevin that have not upgraded since FC-6.  ;-)

Seriously a 'same day as release' upgrade for some users is not
practical or wise. But past EOL, IMO, is a bad thing for the user. An
upgrade from, say Fedora 8 to Fedora 9, is a waste of time since F-9 is
next for EOL. And soon.

*However* when I said 'planning for' I meant just that. *Too* many times
do I see the surprised words of some user that updated/upgraded *before*
doing any research.

Research? I mean reading the Release Notes, FAQ's , and Known
Problems/errata *before* even installing the CD/DVD.

Not everything is listed. But much is.

On another list, for another distribution, a luser was trying to install
the x86_64 bit release on his PIII with 512megs of memory and failing
miserably. It was almost three days before someone recognized the real
problem. A lot of help was offered first however.  ;-)


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