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Re: Upgrade Has Caused A Downgrade

a) When you say "upgrade", do you mean telling Anaconda to upgrade an existing
installation?  Anaconda doesn't have logic to handle migrating from i386 to
x86_64, so it's not expected to work.  Upgrading from F8 i386 to F9 i386 or F10
i386 generally should work.  If you want to switch architectures, you need a
fresh install.

I attempted to upgrade from Fedora 8 x86_64 to Fedora 9 x86_64 - which failed at the point where the new packages were being installed.

b) You haven't given us any diagnostic information at all.  F9 and F10 wouldn't
have been released if x86_64 builds routinely failed to install, and there's
nothing exotic about your hardware, so it's highly unlikely that anyone is going
to immediately know what's wrong with your setup.  Please at least give us an
error message or something.

There is no diagnostic information from the initial install because it was a 'bare metal' install. I didn't retain and logs or other diagnostic information from the upgrade attempt because the machine would not boot because the primary OS file systems (/; /boot; /usr) were not fully populated with the Fedora 9 software - but - the Fedora 8 software was no longer at a point where it would boot.

Gene Poole

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