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Re: Setting SELinux for vsftpd - SOLVED

Mark Haney wrote:
> I've got a server that we use to do speed testing of our upstreams (and
> customers links) using FTP.  This is a fresh F10 install and I'm getting
> what seems to be a very common selinux ftp error (226 Failed to open
> directory). I've googled up a couple of forum posts on how to fix it,
> but most say just to disable selinux.  That I'd not like to do.
> However, one of the options says to do this:
> setsebool -P ftpd_disable_trans 1
> But I get an error:
> [root noc5 speedtest]# setsebool -P ftpd_disable_trans 1
> libsemanage.dbase_llist_set: record not found in the database
> libsemanage.dbase_llist_set: could not set record value
> Could not change boolean ftpd_disable_trans
> Could not change policy booleans
> I have seen the GUI method of doing this, but since I don't run X on
> this server that's not much help.  What's the correct method of setting
> selinux up for this?

For anyone who wants to know.  The correct option (which, btw, took me
down deep into google to find) is this:

setsebool -P ftp_home_dir 1

It's amazing to me that this isn't set up by default on a fresh install
with ftp as one of the installed packages.

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