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Re: Help -- can't SSH into my box

John Aldrich wrote:
> Ok... Now I'm in again. How long, I don't know. However, a new
> issue... My desktop. I'm using VNC to connect to a new desktop (:1)
> and it does NOT look like my new F10 desktop. In fact, all my icons
> are in a window on my desktop and I have to browse it. There is no
> "quick-launch" tool bar either at top or bottom. On the other hand, it
> does have other features of my FC6 desktop, such as the "workspace"
> icons clustered together in a square, instead of beside each other as
> in F10.
> I'm guessing that this is the new "KDE" Desktop instead of the default
> Gnome desktop.

Sounds like KDE 4 indeed, especially the "icons in the box" part.

KDE 4.2 is coming soon, where you will be able to configure things to have
the icon viewer ("folder view") as the main desktop. But the folder view
box (applet) does its job as well.

As for quick launch icons, just right-click and "Add to panel" in the
Kickoff menu, or drag&drop the menu entry to the panel in the classic menu.
(You can right-click on the menu button and use "Switch to Classic menu
style" to switch to the good old classic menu.)

> If that's the case, I think I'll switch back to Gnome, and just use my KDE
> apps.

You can do that, but I'm sure KDE 4 _can_ be set up to your liking. :-)

        Kevin Kofler

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