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Re: Mount usb drive with mount -a fails after f10 upgrade

Rick Stevens wrote:
> Joe W. Byers wrote:
>> Rick Stevens <ricks <at> nerd.com> writes:
>>>> my fstab is
>>>> /dev/sdc1    /media/usbdisk    ext2   
>>>> pamconsole,exec,auto,hotplug,managed    0    0
>>> Uh, are you sure the /media/usbdisk directory exists?  Directories in
>>> /media are generally created by udev when it senses a drive being
>>> plugged in and removed when the drive is unmounted and unplugged.
>> Rick,
>> Yes it exists. It was auto mounting for 3 years with the old OS's
>> (EL4 and EL5)
>> using fstab 
> Different beasties than F10.  EL5 is based on FC6, that's why I asked.
> Question: If you try a manual mount, does it work? E.g.:
>     # mkdir /mnt/test
>     # mount -t ext2 /dev/sdc1 /mnt/test
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FWIW, after upgrading to F10 I have mount problems of an external USB
drive as well.  My fstab entry was:

UUID=fa70e3b0-e364-4e9e-a5fc-c37e2b2e30c9 /media/disk            
ext3    defaults        1 2

Every time I would reboot after the upgrade I would get a message saying
that the disk with that UUID could not be found to be checked and would
make me drop out to single user mode to try to fsck it.  I finally
booted from cd and commented out that entry from the fstab on the hd and
then was able to reboot.  FWIW, I can mount /media/disk from the command
line just fine after getting logged in so it seems like it's an issue,
at least in my case, of the USB device maybe not being readied soon
enough for the system to be able to find the external drive with UUID. 
Could be your running into the same type of problem.


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