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Re: HiJacking Threads Was: hostapd for Fedora 10

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 7:17 PM, Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com> wrote:
>> Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
>>> Then I'm somewhat at a loss to understand what you mean by threading.
>>> The linking of replies to the messages being replied to joins the
>>> entire set together into a thread. The presentation of the thread as a
>>> visual hierarchy or whatever is a matter for the MUA.
>> Take 4 messages, each written by a different person....
>> W - Original Message
>> X  - In-Reply-To W
>> Y  - In-Reply-To X
>> Z  -  In-Reply-To Y
>> If you rely solely on the "In-Reply-To" header there is no practical
>> method to link Z to W.
> Except by linking Z to Y to X to W, which amazingly is what mail
> clients actually do!
Don't you think that would be a time wasting sorting
practice...especially when you consider that there could be multiple
unique threads, each with dozens of messages in a given folder?  Don't
you think using another header designed to help that task would be useful?
> This would be especially true in the event where
>> either X or Y did not arrive or does not exist on the message store of
>> the local MUA.  Once has always to take into account these types of
>> circumstances.
> Naturally. One quickly learns that when the Internet Gods say that
> mail is unreliable, they really mean it, and any software which
> doesn't take this into account will crash and burn. To return to the
> point: when delayed messages arrive, they are appropriately inserted
> in the thread the next time the MUA refreshes its folder view, and of
> course if they don't, they aren't. An additional header called
> References might help in some cases, but not if the original message
> never arrived, so we're back where we started. The MUA does what it
> can with partial information (and it almost never knows if what it has
> is partial or complete).
I didn't mean to imply that a failure in the email system would be the
sole cause of "missing messages".

In my environment these scenarios also exist. 

1.   I prefer not to see posts from some people so their messages are
silently dropped and never make it into my message store.

2.   I prune certain folders based on age of the messages.

But, never mind....   It seems from another message that you've tested
and found the References header is used, and maybe it is valuable.

I have not yet begun to byte! Mei-Mei Greshko greshko com

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