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Network Manager, Firefox and more on FC10

Hello fellows,

My .02 worth on several subjects.  

Network Manager since FC8 has been causing more grief to me than it is
worth.  It looks like it needs to look at
the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ files for eth0 and if it is there
don't screw things up (or at least prompt before destruction). 

The startup screen with the travelling bars near the bottom of the
screen is a waste of time.  There is a reason I want to see what the box
is doing, and prefer the FC9 behavior.  With FC9 I could hit a key and
watch for problems.  I didn't find any documentation on how to change
that to the FC9 behavior.

Firefox refuses to handle a bad certificate.  That is all well and good,
until your dealing with a firewall that doesn't have one that is valid.
I didn't find a way to get beyond the complaint about the certificate.
I had to grab my laptop with FC9 to deal with that problem.  FC10 made
doing anything with the https interface impossible.


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