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Re: Netbook wifi, wlan0 and inet6 address (F10)

On Tuesday 06 January 2009 23:58:33 Steven I Usdansky wrote:
> Wireless is working fine on my Aspire One in F10 (using GNOME and
> connecting via NetworkManager). Kernel is if that
> makes any difference. 

I have the same kernel.

> ~$ sudo lsmod | grep ath
> dm_multipath           17164  0
> ath5k                 112520  0
> mac80211              173668  1 ath5k
> cfg80211               23816  2 ath5k,mac80211
My output is very different - which may be the result of my various efforts to 
get a driver running - whether ath5k or madwifi:

lsmod | grep ath
dm_multipath           17164  0
ath_rate_sample        14848  1
ath_pci               162360  0
wlan                  189748  4 wlan_scan_sta,ath_rate_sample,ath_pci
ath_hal               302176  3 ath_rate_sample,ath_pci

> and, FWIW, my startup configuration:
> /etc/rc3.d$ ls
> K01dnsmasq       K75ntpdate        S08ip6tables       S50bluetooth
> K01livesys-late  K76openvpn        S08iptables        S58ntpd
> K01smartd        K85mdmonitor      S12rsyslog         S80sendmail
> K05anacron       K87multipathd     S13irqbalance      S85gpm
> K05saslauthd     K87restorecond    S22messagebus      S90crond
> K10psacct        K89netplugd       S23wpa_supplicant  S90kerneloops
> K15httpd         K89rdisc          S25netfs           S90smolt
> K25sshd          K90network        S26haldaemon       S95atd
> K50netconsole    K95firstboot      S26lm_sensors      S96avahi-daemon
> K73winbind       K99livesys        S26udev-post       S98cups
> K74nscd          S00microcode_ctl  S27NetworkManager  S99local
> K75fuse          S06cpuspeed       S28portreserve

ls /etc/rc3.d
K01smartd          K73winbind      K90network        S14nfslock         
K05saslauthd       K73ypbind       K90shorewall      S15mdmonitor       
K10psacct          K74lm_sensors   K91capi           S18rpcidmapd       
K10zvbid           K74nscd         K91wifiroamd      S19rpcgssd         S85gpm
K20hddtemp         K75fuse         K95firstboot      S22messagebus      
K20nfs             K75ntpdate      S00microcode_ctl  S25netfs           
K24irda            K76openvpn      S06cpuspeed       S26acpid           
K36mysqld          K84btseed       S08ip6tables      S26haldaemon       S95atd
K45arpwatch        K84bttrack      S08iptables       S26pcscd           
K50netconsole      K85racoon       S09isdn           S26udev-post       
K50snmpd           K87multipathd   S11auditd         S27NetworkManager  
K50snmptrapd       K87restorecond  S12rsyslog        S28portreserve     
K50wpa_supplicant  K89netplugd     S13irqbalance     S28setroubleshoot  
K69rpcsvcgssd      K89rdisc        S13rpcbind        S50bluetooth       

I don't see wpa_supplicant in there.

[root AAO ~]# service network status
Configured devices:
lo eth0 wlan0
Currently active devices:
lo eth0 wifi0 wlan0
[root AAO ~]# service NetworkManager status
NetworkManager (pid  2240) is running...

chkconfig --list network
network         0:off   1:off   2:off   3:off   4:off   5:off   6:off
[root AAO ~]# chkconfig --list NetworkManager
NetworkManager  0:off   1:off   2:on    3:on    4:on    5:on    6:off

Is 'network' running?  I would have thought that 'Currently active devices:' 
means that it is.  If it is, why?  chkconfig says it isn't being activated.


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