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Re: Fedora 9, OpenOffice 3 and Arial Black

It seems that Openoffice 3 (the build from openoffice.org) in Fedora 9
can't use the arial black ttf font.
While in F10 Openoffice 3(fedora build) can.

fc-list : family file | grep Arial
/usr/share/fonts/drakfnt/ttf/arial.ttf: Arial
/usr/share/fonts/drakfnt/ttf/ariali.ttf: Arial
/usr/share/fonts/drakfnt/ttf/ARLRDBD.ttf: Arial Rounded MT Bold
/usr/share/fonts/drakfnt/ttf/arialbd.ttf: Arial
/usr/share/fonts/drakfnt/ttf/arialbi.ttf: Arial
/usr/share/fonts/drakfnt/ttf/ARIALUNI.ttf: Arial Unicode MS
/usr/share/fonts/drakfnt/ttf/ariblk.ttf: Arial,Arial Black

It is very weird that ariblk.ttf can't be used by the same version of
OpenOffice 3 in different versions of Fedora.

I just don't understand, what exactly is different.

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 17:52, Nicolae Ghimbovschi <xfreebird gmail com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have on a machine Fedora 9 where I have installed OpenOffice from
> openoffice.org. Also on that machine I have installed ms core truetype
> fonts.
> I installed the truetype fonts in /usr/share/fonts/ttfonts/ttf  and
> the Type1 fonts in  /usr/share/fonts/ttfonts/Type1.
> After, I run in both these dirs: mkfontscale, mkfontdir, ttmkfdir and
> fc-cache -fv.
> The problem is when I open a .doc file which is using Arial Black
> font, it looks as it is simple Arial and not Arial Black
> While doing the same thing in Fedora 10 (using the default openoffice
> 3). Arial Black looks as it should.
> Does anybody have a clue what might be wrong ?
> How different are openoffice builds distributed by openoffice.org from
> those distributed by the fedora community ?
> Thank you !

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