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Re: NetworkManager: IP address == Broadcast address?

Rick Stevens wrote:
Patrick wrote:

Problem: Internet via a Nokia from a laptop with F10 x86_64 does not (no longer?) work. Assigned IP address on laptop is the same as the broadcast address.

A laptop with up-to-date Fedora 10 x86_64, NetworkManager version 0.7.0-0.12.svn4326, a Nokia E71 and a USB cable for use between the Nokia and the laptop. The Nokia has a working permanent GPRS Internet connection. Steps I do to setup a link between the laptop and Nokia:

1) I added the T-Mobile mobile broadband profile in NetworkManager
2) I plug the USB cable into the phone and laptop and select "PC Suite"
   on the phone when asked
3) I select the T-Mobile profile in NetworkManager
4) NM starts chewing and reports after a few secs that a connection has
   been setup

Internet no longer works on the Nokia nor from the laptop via the Nokia. In NetworkManager I select "Connection Information" and notice that the IP address and Broadcast address are the same. Pings fail except to the public IP address assigned to the laptop.

Is this a bug? I'm no IP addressing expert so IP address == broadcast address might be valid.

It is absolutely incorrect.  Your NIC should NOT have the broadcast
address as its IP address.

Not so. PPP doesn't have subnets the way ethernet does, so broadcast is meaningless in this context. Your netmask should always be for a PPP connection, so the only address that could possibly be calculated for a broadcast address is your own IP address.

The only bug is that NetworkManager is showing a broadcast address at all for a PPP connection. It should probably not do that, to avoid exactly this sort of confusion.

-- Chris

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