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Re: FC10 Kernel PANIC ... Odd

Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
I did a clean FC10 install on a server today. The installation itself went without a hitch, the system rebooted and came back up. I logged in, admired the new graphics and then decided to run updates.

When all the updates were done installing, I hit a restart only to be presented with a kernel PANIC. It won't boot. And at the time, I didn't have any means of capturing the message either. It was very short, a one liner at the top of the screen, something with ld.so...yaddi yaddi yadda.

Ok, this is why we have a rescue option, right? So I booted from the DVD, went into rescue mode and looked at what kernel was installed. Much to my surprise, the latest kernel was installed (from the updates), however it was the .i586 version. Odd, this machine has never run an i586 package that I can remember. It's either an .i386 or an .i686, but never .i586. Could that have been the problem? Hmm, let's try ...

I force installed the .i686 version of the kernel and kernel-devel packages and rebooted. Tada! It worked and came up beautifully.

Inquiring minds want to know: why did the update install an .i586 version (when an .i686 version was available)? The machine has a dual core 3.4GHz Intel processor in it. Through all of FC7, FC8, and FC9 I've never had problems upgrading the kernel and have never seen it install an .i586 ... till today. And that failed miserably.

	Should it have been able to boot the .i586?

I'd be curious to know if the i586 kernel boots with 'nosmp' on the kernel command line. It's a kernel bug either way, but that would give us a good idea where to look. It's also a yum bug that it got there at all in the first place.

-- Chris

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