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Re: Help -- can't SSH into my box

John Aldrich wrote:
On Tuesday 06 January 2009, Stuart Sears wrote:
Not wishing :) to open a massive can of worms (even though this probably
will) but why do you hate it so much?

Precisely because it interferes with so many other things. If SELinux ever gets to the point where it "plays nice" with other things, or at least has a nice, easy "ignore this app" sort of thing (like antivirus/anti-spyware apps in Windoze) I might reconsider it. Until then, I'm going to disable it whenever possible.

I installed fail2ban and SELinux immediately threw up massive errors. I coudl understand that much better if it were some 3rd-party app, but something out of the default Fedora repos should be able to run w/o generating complaints from a security system. Fail2ban, especially, should be allowed to run w/o issue, due to the very nature of it.

I installed fail2ban on a FC8 x86_64 box and selinux didn't cry one bit.
You did get fail2ban off the Fedora repos ?

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