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Re: Fedora 10

On Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 08:27:04AM -0700, Kevin Kempter wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 January 2009 08:20:12 Sachin Murudkar wrote:
> > Hi all
> >
> > I am using fedora 10 I need a client vpn to connect to my off systems can
> > any one guide me.
> I have yet to be able to get a VPN client working in Fedora 10 - for now I'm 
> running CentOS inside of vmware workstation since the cisco vpn client for 
> Linux compiles fine in CentOS 

I'm using vpnc on fedora10. vpnc is an open source
cisco-(mostly)compatible vpn client. A couple of nice things about it:
(1) it runs in user space, not as a kernel module, and (2) it does not
completely disconnect you from your local network as the real cisco vpn
client does.

There's also some degree of Nortel and NetScreen compatibility in there,
though I've never tried using it with one of those.

F10, in fact, includes vpnc, so all you gotta do is use it.

If you're using network manager, just left-click the NM applet's icon
in the upper panel, click "VPN Connections" then set up the parameters
for the vpn to which you wish to connect.

If you're looking for some other (non-cisco) vpn, I'm afraid I can't
help you. sorry.

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